23 May, 2012

Guru Nanak Devji Was a Hindu

The controversial painting that dates back to the early-mid 19th century showing Guru Nanak Devji wearing a Seli Topi, has a Tilak & is shown praying to Lord Vishnu. The painting, like all the Puraatan ones of Guruji, truly shows & proves how Sikhism is a part of the whole Hindu family and is a Panth ( Path ) of this great Sanatan heritage. SGPC, the Singh Sabha, including the Taliban brigade of Canadian Sikhs, have tried suppressing facts & have lived in denial of their Hindu roots of Sikhi, but the above rare Puraatan painting, which is stored in the Shimla museum, says more then a thousand words.

Neo-Sikhs, I certainly hope you all  enjoy looking at this beautiful painting of Guru Nanak Devji with none other than the 'Brahminical God' known as Lord Vishnu.