20 June, 2013

Message for Amrit Singh

I have been receiving stupid idiotic messages from this guy who calls himself a Sikh, trying to give me advise about Vedas & talking nonsense basically like all Talibani Neo Sikhs do when cornered with some true facts that Sikhi is not anything but the Advaita philosophy of Sanatan Dharm ( Hinduism ).

Amrit Singh, I seriously don't have time to waste reading & publishing any of your nonsense comments so why don't you do all of us a favour & go do something that will benefit you & your fellow Talibani sikhs? Instead of telling me manipulated stories about whether Guru Arjan Devji was against Karva Chauth vrats & whether Guru Nanak devvji was against Siddhas when he himself ensured their company throughout his entire life - Just go & get some education Mr Amrit Singh. Stop listening to the Jatt Granthis & being brainwashed by them like most of your fellow Khalistanis who call themselves Sikhs. Shame on you.

But anyways, heartfelt gratitude for stopping by on this site & reading my stuff.

This is for you & the Khalistani fan ( fool ) club only  - why I am keeping quiet to your crap .....