26 March, 2011

British Stooges & Distortions of Sikh History

Traditional Puraatan Shri Adi Granth with Hindu Devas Circa 1600
Vaheguruji Ka Khalsa
Vaheguruji Ki Fateh

Jo Bole Saunihaal

May Vaheguruji always bestow upon us the strength to uphold the kesari flag of Dharma & Truth.

ਗੋਪੀ ਨਾਥੁ ਸਗਲ ਹੈ ਸਾਥੇ ॥
Gopee Naathh Sagal Hai Saathhae ||
गोपी नाथु सगल है साथे ॥
The Lord and Master of the milk-maids, You are the companion of all.
~Shri Guru Granth Sahib p. 1082

I would like to begin with the true accounts of Hindu Sikh history which have been supressed for so many years by narrow minded neo Sikhs, who have behaved as stooges of the SGPC & Tat Khalsa Singh Sabha, that was initially set up by the British colonial forces to enslave the Hindu Sikh nation by spreading distorted history, through cutting out, editing, expunging the true facts of Sanatan Hindu Sikh history.Instead, today we are fed on a Sikhism which is based on lies, biased views & anti Brahmin/ Hindu agendas of the neo-Sikhs who have completely suceeded in Talibanisation of the ever changing 'Sikh history' and the rich Hindu heritage of Shri Adi Granth. They are the Tat Khalsa Singh Sabha & the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee  (S.G.P.C).

All  our ten Gurus were in fact from Hindu families and lived as Hindus until their final days. They stood for Hindu Dharma & preservation of the spriritual essence of Sanatan Dharma.They married under the Hindu ceremonies officiated by Brahmin pandits also. The Sanatan Sikhs regard Classical Sikhism – which arose from the Sanatan Dharma and Vedic culture - to be a denomination of Sanatan Dharma. In the early days of Sikh history, the Gurudwaras were managed by Mahants (caretakers) who were descendants of the Gurus. Frescos of Hindu deities, murtis of Hindu deities as well as images of Sikh gurus formed part of the sanctum since the time of Guru Nank Devji. When Punjab fell under the British rule, hordes of missionaries moved in to harvest the lost souls in the name of Jesus. A Sikh religious administrative body, Sanatan Sikh Sabha was established in 1873 by Sanatani Sikhs in Amritsar to counter the rising influence of Christianity and conversion to Christianity when several Sikhs had been converted at the time. Those who had been converted by the missionaries worked as paid agents for the British colonialists in destroying the Sanatan Hindu history of Punjab.In many such cases, valuable material, rare literature, architecture and signs of much celebrated memories were completely destroyed. Their sole purpose was to destroy all evidence of Hindu philosophy, Hindu history & Hindu lifestyles of our ten Gurus - to separate Sanatan Sikhism from Hindu Vedic roots in order to divide & rule over Punjab, making it easy to exploit the Punjabi nation wherever/whenever it suited them.

The history writing by the British was a deliberate & systematic effort. The British used history of India as a tool for demoralizing the Indian natives. History of India was twisted, falsified and misinterpreted on a grand scale. In the South, false Aryan invasion theories were floated to alienate the Hindus of the South from their Vedic brothers in the North, who actually share the same DNA with them as has been proven in recent years. The respected Brahmins had become outcasts due to anti Brahminism spurred by the British missionaries - their's was to weaken Sanatan Dharma from its roots & the Brahmins had proved to them to represent the strong roots of ancient Dharmic traditions, which was the main secret behind the once powerful India. In a letter dated December 16, 1868 the famous Indologist Max Muller wrote to the Duke of Argyll, the then Secretary of State of India, 'India has been conquered once, but India must be conquered again and that second conquest should be a conquest by education'.. (Ref: 'The Life and Letter of F. Max Muller, edited by Mrs. Max Muller, 1902, Vol.1, p.357). Prof. Max Muller was not just a philosopher, he was also an examiner for the Indian Civil Service (ICS) examination. Teaching of falsified history played a great part in this 'second conquest'.
Who were these British history writers ? They were mainly army officers and administrators of the East India Company. For example:
  • Major General John Malcolm - A Memoir of the Central India (1824)
  • Captain Grant Duff - History of the Marathas (1826)
  • Gen. Briggs - History of the Rise of Mohammedan Power in India (1829)
  • Lt.Colonel James Todd - Anals and Antiquities of Rajasthan (1829-32)
  • M. Elphinstone (Resident at Peshwa Court, later Governor of Bombay), History of India (1841)
  • Joseph Cunningham (brother of Gen.A.Cunningham) History of Sikhs (1849)
  • Lt. R.F.Burton - History of Sindh (1851)
  • Max Arthur Macauliffe - Translated Shri Adi Granth; The Sikh religion (1909)
In Lahore Punjab, the Tat Khalsa Singh Sabha movement emerged from the neiferious designs of the Colonial parasites in 1879 & it began radically to alter the Sanatan philosophy of the Gurus as it had existed since Guru Nanak Devji, so to ensure it conformed to their new British Raj -accomodating perception. The leader of this movement was Max Arthur Macauliffe who helped establish a bunch of puppets known as the Singh Sabha scholars ( Teja Singh, Jodh Singh, Kahn Singh Nabha to name a few) to suit the whims of the British who ruled by creating divisions through tactics which included altering and editing Guru's scriptures & historical facts to divide and conquer and keep the native Indians subjugated, ignorant and subservient. All forms of Indian Nationalism and unifying aspects like religion were manipulated and suppressed.

Max Arthur Macauliffe, the British Deputy Commissioner of Punjab, saw an opportunity with the establishment of Sanatan Sikh Sabha and engineered the formation of a second Sabha, Tat Khalsa (the 'True Khalsa') Singh Sabha in Lahore in 1879, as a political rival to the Sanatan Sikh Sabha. Whereas the Sanatan Dharma Sikhism acknowledges its roots in the Vedic culture and believes in Hindu-Sikh unity; the Tat Khalsas are focused more on having a Sikh identity, separate from the non-Sikh Punjabis. So, the motive for the formation of this Tat Sabha were primarily to push Sikhs over to a pro-Muslim stance, put a wedge between the Sikhs and non-Sikh Punjabis thereby weakening the Hindus, and also to propagate the belief among the Sikh soldiers serving the Raj that their Guru’s prophecies coincided with the interests of the British Raj. It was a deliberate act in their “divide and rule” tactics and to get the Tat Khalsa Sikhs to be loyal to the British Raj.

Soon after their establishment, the Tat Khalsas with the institutional support of the Colonial missionaries & rulers, began throwing out the Jathedars from the management of the Gurudwaras; using force when needed. To promote a Sikh identity separate from the former glory of Hindu-Sikh days, a reform movement was initiated - older source material was suppressed, marginalized, denied, invalidated or even, as in case of Gurbilas, banned outright. Sikh scriptures were reinterpreted to expunge any hint of Hindu-ness in them. All Hindu frescos, paintings and murtis were removed from the Gurudwaras and all practices deemed to be Hindu were discontinued.  Rumours were spread that the Jathedars were promoting rituals that were 'forbidden by the Gurus'. HariMandir ( Vishnu Temple) became to be known as Darbar Sahib, which is Arabic/Persian for 'The court of God'. In 1905, the murtis removed from HariMandir included lifesized murtis of Lord Vishnu, Chandi-Durga, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva & of Guru Ram Das Sodhi. Gurubanis were highly mistranslated & Janamsakhis of Guru Nanak Devji were not spared either. 

Most of the stories of the Gurus are now obvious copies of Bible & Kuranic stories & even though it is well known that the Gurus throughout their lives kept good company of eminent Brahmin sadhus, scholars & teachers to help them with the translations of sanskrit verses of the Vedas & Upanishads, a hint of anti Brahminism eventually had crept in. All Brahmin practises were being frowned upon by using the Gurus as those very people who were against the Janeu or the sacred thread as well as murti puja. There is a famous story where Guru Nanakji himself is mentioned as 'throwing' the sacred thread at the family Brahmin priest & rejecting the sacred thread altogether- again highly questionable since he himself was born into a Brahmin family. Most of whatever Guru Nanak Devji has been quoted to have said against Dharmic traditions, as per the re-interpretations of the Singh Sabha stooges, seem more like verses full of hatred, contempt & Hindu bashing for the very ancient traditions that the great saint had spent most of his life promoting. The Singh Sabha have spoken of NanakDevji as a Khatri, a farmer, a Jatt, sometimes a Vaishnava but have conveniently left out the fact that he was born into a Brahmin family & his name has also been twisted around with the last name Bedi attached to it. The present so called history & twisting of the Shri Adi Granth is full of contradictions throughout - an open case of fraud perpetrated upon us the Sikhs of Punjab.

The British further instigated & fanned more fire by adding their own conclusions & opinions:

The Religion of the Sikhs (London, 1914), p. 19: Granth strongly suggests that Sikhism should be regarded as a new and separate world-religion, rather than as a reformed sect of the Hindus.
To quote Dorothy Field, the author of History of Sikhs:

'There is a tendency at the present day to reckon the Sikhs as a reformed sect of the Hindus; and this has become a matter for controversy among the Indians themselves. The word Hinduism is undoubtedly capable of a very wide application, but it is questionable whether it should be held to include the Sikhs in view of the fact that the pure teachings of the Gurus assumed a critical attitude towards the three cardinal pillars of Hinduism, the priesthood, the caste system, and the Vedas. A reading of the Granth strongly suggests that Sikhism should be regarded as a new and separate world-religion, rather than as a reformed sect of the Hindus'.

Teja Singh Bhasauria was an employee of the British Government. He was given a school and funding to finance both the school and a printing press by the British. He intended to change Gurbani as directed to him by his British masters and his own ideas that were against the Brahmins & Hindu Dharma or any association of Hinduism in Gurbani. This has been recorded in history both by Prof Sahib Singh, and by the fact that a Hukamnama ex-communicated him from the Akal Takht. One of his associates Giani Kartar Singh Kalaswalia was the head Granthi of Sri Harimandir Sahib. It was during his term of seva that the Chaupai and Dohira were removed. Teja Singh's son Ran Singh, wrote Dasam Granth Nirney in 1919, in which he claims that another Bani starts after the 25th pauri - Dustt dokh tay layho bachaaee. This is untrue. This is the first reference to the short Chaupai Sahib. Before this time there has not been discovered any reference of anything but the full Chaupai Sahib.

Ancient Hindu martial aspects of Sanatan Sikhism have become mostly symbolic in modern times. The overall goal was to make Sanatan Hindu Sikhism as a strictly Bhakti (devotional) religion instead of the Shakti/Bhakti (power/devotion) balance which it always had. With the Bir Ras (warrior spirit) Banis compromised, the Sikh identity disappearing, and martial aspects becoming purely symbolic the British had their way to control Sikhism. Then it was a matter of bribery, intimidation and manipulation of Sikh leaders to create a new 'modern Sikhism'

Over the last few decades, Sanatan Sikhism has become a cult of the 'Book' like that of Islam & Christianity & Sikh youth have become brainwashed & indoctrinated into the Tat Khalsa mold. With over 3000 websites on the internet, all dedicated to & preaching the Singh Sabha version of a 'new' religion known as Sikhism, there has been a steady Talibanisation of the Sanatan heritage of Sikhism. Rife with anti Brahminism & articles demeaning Hindu Dharma, the message of most of these websites is that Sikhs are not Hindus & the Gurus preached as prophets a new religion which was devoid of any varna (caste) system, rituals etc, ignoring the fact that we Sikhs are very much divided into our respective castes just as the Gurus had been during their times. 

As for rituals, the neo-Sikhs have overlooked the fact that despite their efforts to point fingers at various ones practised by Hindus, Sikhs still practise similar ones such as bathing in Amritsarovar just as any Hindu would in the sacred Ganga. Symbolism too which is part of Hindu Dharma is still being practised by worshipping the Khanda, an ancient array of weapons sacred to the Hindus also, along with the similar style of Kesari jhanda, found on top of all Hindu temples. Worshiping of the Book Shri Adi Granth as an object, clothing it & placing it on one's head when taking it inside another room so to put it to sleep - all this is murti puja in its various form - again this is part of Hindu Dharma. The Tilak [mark on forehead] is also frowned upon but if we take a closer look at the original paintings before the time of the Singh Sabha British puppets, we see historic portraits of Nanak Devji with sandlewood and kum kum Tilaks on his forehead, at the same time with Rudraksha mala around his neck, looking very much a Hindu in the exact manner that he was, but newer paintings of him generated by the Singh Sabhias, portray him similar to those of Muslim sufi saints & those Arabs from the Bible stories of Jesus.

It is truly disheartening to see where we Sikhs are actually headed by this intense brainwashing & manipulation,Tat Khalsa style, whose intentions it seems are not that Pure in the first place. At this rate, we will not have any ancient history nor any heritage left, unless we stand up & expose the fraud that we have been forcefully succumbed to during the last century.

Famous words of Master Tara Singh:

“Protection of Dharma is our Dharma. Khalsa Panth was born for that purpose. Never have I left Hinduism. Guru Govind Singh has produced a lot of Gurumukhi literature based on Vedas, Puranas and the like. Are we to leave all that? In fact Hindus and Sikhs are not two separate communities. Name is Sikh and beard… Mona (non beard) Sikh and Sevak… That is all… Sikhs live if Hinduism exists. If Sikhs live Hinduism lives. They are not two separate communities. They are one indeed. Lack of mutual confidence has been a small problem. This situation must be put to an end. I want to see that. A Hindu revival movement is very necessary and it will certainly come up.”

Copyright©Arjan Singh Virdi 2012.